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Proudly "Made in the USA" by Small Family Business since 1991. Made of stainless steel so is weather proof and lasts for years - there is no chewed up, destroyed feeder!  100% Total & Complete Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee. Shop with Absolute & Complete Confidence that you're buying the best feeder! All surfaces are tapered, they don’t hold water so no rotten seed! Birds can only get one seed at a time so reduces waste.

Our feeders have a LIFETIME WARRANTY, which is if they become damaged or unusable the seller will replace or repair at sellers option with free shipping. GUARANTEED TO WORK OR YOUR PURCHASE WILL BE REFUNDED.

K100 Hanging Bird Waterer

Hanging bird waterer, holds 1 gallons water, armored to prevent squirrels chewing holes in it. Disassembles easily for cleaning. Works great on a double crook with one of our squirrelproof bird feeders. The birds love it!


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